Despite us all feeling under the weather with the lurgy we had already booked train tickets down to Looe on the Looe Valley line so that's where we headed today.

Catching the train from Liskeard, just a few miles away from Rillaton, we travelled along the valley of the East Looe River almost 9 miles on the single track line to the seaside town of Looe.

The Looe Valley Line information board at Liskeard station

None of us were particularly feeling our best, as we'd all managed to come down with a cold bug. We hadn't slept properly, we were sniffly and coughy, but we'd already bought the tickets and we were going to make use of them! We didn't really have any plans for the day, it was purely just a visit as something to do and a place to tick off our list.

We took a walk from the station, through the town centre and out to the beach. Although a little too cold and windy to be spending much time there we walked out on to the Banjo Pier and looked out over the clear waters.

The crystal clear waters at Looe

Looe Beach Panorama

A little food, a little wander around the shops and then over to the riverside amusements, we were pretty much ready to go back home. We'd spent a few hours here but, to be honest, the lurgy was getting the better of us so it was time to retreat.

Closed for 2 months + due to good health and a warm tropical island with amazing food. Yippee!! Open again 31st March-ish. Please visit for orders or queue here and wait!

Maybe if it was a summer visit and we weren't feeling so crap, we'd have spent much longer here. We still enjoyed our visit to Looe and no doubt we'll be back again.

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