This is a cross-post from my LinkedIn profile.

As Cancer Research UK (CRUK)'s shops start to reopen (365 of them yesterday alone!), it's brilliant seeing our staff, volunteers and communities coming back together. Being the one behind CRUK's Trading social media channels, I'm in a privileged position where I get to see what's going on in our shops across the country.

From the hard work going in to ensuring supporters can shop, donate and volunteer with us safely; to seeing the lockdown projects that have kept volunteers busy whilst shops have been closed, it's all there on the 540 Twitter accounts run by the stores themselves.

Shop teams are empowered to use social media, with support and guidance available, to build links with their local communities. As our shop teams get back on their feet, these accounts can play a vital part in their recovery plans to promote their shops, recruit volunteers, highlight the fantastic new and pre-loved items on sale, and much more.

This #SocialMediaDay marks 5 years since we first officially gave the shop teams access to Twitter, and I'm proud to see how far they've come. It's also great seeing our Instagram showcase of everything Trading building up with fantastic #CRUKFinds.

Ultimately, though, I'm excited to see what lies ahead for social in our shops.

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