Yesterday's plan was to explore Dartmoor and, ultimately, end up at a place called Becky Falls, a waterfall with nature trails. So we headed off in the Devon direction for an activity day.

And it wasn't long before Becky did indeed fall, right in a pile of pony poo (video is on Facebook but only if you're Becky's friend - it'll be on my website or Youtube soon).

She was so excited to be in the open air, free to gallop around in a natural habitat that it was inevitable that something was going to go wrong.

Becky's prancing around Dartmoor was bound to land her in the s**t...!

This s**t, in fact!

Have I got something on my jeans?

Can you smell something?

Becky Falls (the actual place) was, looking back, a really nice place. At the time, when we were out of breath and clambering up what seemed to be a 60 degree cliff face, we weren't always enjoying it! In fact, when Rhys started filming we commented on how slippery the mud was on a relatively flat surface. How naive we were!

It's such a shame the battery on my phone died whilst we were there. I was running Runkeeper which would have told us how far we'd walked, how high we'd climbed and how many calories we'd burned, amongst other stuff. One thing's for sure, I'm not doing it again just to find out!

It was a slippery, twisty and steep path down to the Falls, little did we know what was to come!

Something else happened yesterday, hmmm, what was it? Oh yes, Lee and I got engaged! Whilst we were on Dartmoor, Lee did the whole drop down on one knee thing (managing to avoid the pony shit) and properly proposed. It was completely unexpected and has really made the holiday for me.

Whilst we've been a happily co-habiting couple until now, the recent weddings we've been to have really made us think more about our future. It was a brilliant surprise and something I'm going to remember and cherish forever.

The happy couple

No idea when we're going to sort a date out, guess we need to make a start soon...!

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