I mesh online and offline communities to enable peer-to-peer integration and globally e-enable holistic clouds.

That's my Twitter bio and, with a little thought, it kinda sums up what I do for a living. Here's how:

I mesh online and offline communities...

My main role is to get our chain of charity shops, already playing a part in their local community, to use social media and build up an online following of supporters. Thus, I mesh online and offline communities.

...to enable peer-to-peer integration...

Peer-to-peer communication is the interaction between two parties without the need for a third; so direct contact. We want our shop teams to be able to have a direct, meaningful relationship with their local supporters - old and new alike. 

...and globally e-enable holistic clouds.

Ok, this is where it falls down slightly. Does anyone know what a holistic cloud is? Whatever they are, I'm e-enabling them!

Last year a Twitter trend came up to #BadlyExplainYourJob. I copy-pasted my bio in to a tweet and posted it.

A short while later a friend messaged me with a link and a question - "is this you?!". I followed the link to discover my tweet had been included in a round-up list that was doing the rounds.

Made my day.

So, how did I come up with it?

Here's my secret: it was created by the  Corporate BS Generator

I was just using it for a bit of fun, and kept pressing the 'generate' button until I got something I liked. I never expected to come up with three phrases I could sandwich together to form a, fairly meaningful, Twitter bio.


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